Our origin & philosophy

Permagard, a global leader in paint protection, was founded in France in 1997 and now has operations in 23 countries to service the major Aviation, Automotive and Marine markets around the world.

Entrenched in our commitment to polymer science, the Permagard philosophy has always been to source the best materials, manufacturing techniques and technical teams. In turn, we deliver an effective aerospace-quality coating with enough strength and durability for the Automotive, Aviation and Marine markets.

Our passion for exterior protection

Permagard is entrusted with protecting more than $100 billion worth of aircraft, cars and yachts around the world. Our high-performance, environmentally safe Reactive Polymer Technology has been engineered to enhance and maintain the new-car appearance for the lifetime of all paint surfaces.

When it comes to the automotive industry, Permagard’s invisible ‘glass-like’ barrier becomes an everyday shield against tree sap, bird droppings and other debris vehicles might encounter.

A quick lesson in how Permagard works

After a professional application of Permagard, the clear gloss bonds to exterior paint surfaces to form an invisible protective layer that protects the vehicle. Permagard is designed with built-in UV inhibiting technology, meaning the paint will not discolour or oxidise. It’s silky finish enhances the vehicle’s shine that mirrors and enhances a factory level finish.

Permagard’s protective self-cleaning properties resist dirt and grime buildup, creating less fuss, less washing and no polishing to maintain a signature lustrous finish. At Permagard, we’re so confident about the level of protection from our interior and exterior products that we offer a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. Through stringent testing, we know our next-generation polymer coatings are so tough they can withstand extreme temperatures of 50°C and – 50°C, the ideal resilience for Australia’s harsh climate.

The Results

Why we only entrust professionals with our service

Permagard is not only committed to lasting quality, but is focused on exceeding customer expectations. Whilst conventional paint protection methods might be readily available to the public, we see your car for the precious asset it is; one that deserves only the best and most premium treatment experience. For this reason, only authorised specialists trained by our experts are entrusted with the Permagard application. Our strict focus on quality control means there is no risk of cracking or peeling in the future, and the superior results can be admired for years to come.

The Results

Quality assurance & approvals

Whether you’re selling new or used cars, a vehicle’s pristine finish always needs to be protected. Permagard offers ingredients that are the most protective coating elements known to man, and have been proven to be the most paint-compatible coating, in testing conducted by BMW Japan in 2010. Our promise is to be the most responsive, long lasting and scientifically advanced aftercare brand to protect your customer’s vehicles against threats such as acids, insects, chemicals and dirt.
Permagard is the only aftermarket vehicle protection programme approved and recommended by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific. Permagard products are sold by authorised dealerships and used by authorised repairers to preserve vehicles at their finest quality. Find out why the world’s most reputable brands let Permagard take care of their vehicles using the most trusted and premium formula.

Quality Assurance

Major airlines recognise Permagard’s sophisticated and scientifically-backed technology and trust our product to perform as specified. If it’s good enough for them, we know it will be good enough for your car.

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