Working with dealerships to achieve flawless results and service

Permagard is among the most trusted and successful automotive care brands in the world. Being the only aftermarket vehicle protection programme approved and recommended by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, we are the only choice for authorised repairers and dealers to preserve vehicles at their best quality.

Permagard is committed to providing the highest quality of vehicle care products and services to the automotive industry. We understand that each and every one of our dealerships value high quality, enduring and trustworthy products, therefore aim to provide the best possible service in delivering Permagard products nationwide.

For most people, a car is one of the most expensive assets they will purchase. Premium brands like Porsche and Mercedes Benz who pride themselves on incredibly advanced and luxurious vehicles require aftercare and quality assurance that are a cut above the rest. Whilst motor vehicles are often bought for their performance, safety or handling abilities, everyone is united in their reasoning for investing in Permagard; they’re serious about protecting their investment.

Our specialised and patented coatings can transform the entire buying experience for your customers, by adding a very welcomed surprise upon the collection of their new or used vehicle. We encourage dealerships to distribute our online resources in order for customers to fully understand the level of protection Permagard offers their vehicle.

Permagard adds value to your business

We go beyond the supply of premium and high quality aftermarket products. Providing the ultimate deliverance of service and care, we strive to ensure all our staff members and trade partners are proud advocates of the Permagard brand. It is of the highest importance that everyone who works with the Permagard family believes in the products we provide and feels incredibly passionate about them. From the moment you first encounter the sales team, right through to after care and warranty matters, we listen intently and value all feedback, aiming to meet every need and request where possible.

Permagard’s level of dedication through our marketing and technical support departments has attracted luxury and high-performance brands across the globe. Brands such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, and the largest privately-owned dealer groups such as The Suttons Group, already use Permagard exclusively for their factory backed and statewide vehicle interior & exterior protection programs.

The process

A series of meticulously planned steps ensures that each and every Permagard treated car receives the highest level of protection and signature gloss. Providing this additional feature upon the sale of a car ensures a customer’s vehicle remains newer for longer, looking as good as the day they purchased it.

What differentiates Permagard from other brands is our national lifetime warranty and all-encompassing aftercare process. Permagard understands the real needs of customers, and through our continuous improvement plan we have positioned ourselves as the world’s most advanced, understanding and efficient vehicle protection brand. Providing round-the-clock marketing and technical support for both dealerships and consumers, we aim to support you throughout the entire Permagard experience. There are no lengthy application forms and no misleading fine print; customers will also know the quality they are receiving right from the beginning.

Feedback around the Permagard process has always been incredibly positive due to the level of integrity and commitment that each and every staff member upholds.

Permagard’s extensive range of resources, backed with exceptional support ensures that dealers are given the opportunity to increase profit time after time, with the world’s most trusted car care brand.