Polymer protection

Permagard focuses its services on anyone who wants the best for their car, boat or aircraft. Our high grade aviation coatings are the most advanced and tested in the world, providing a cost effective and value enhancing fix to any vehicle, brand new or used. Pemagard’s advanced technology has been trusted to protect some of the world’s most expensive painted surfaces. We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle against airborne pollutants and we have developed a patented solution that coats super yachts, commercial planes and cars everywhere.

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Quality product & service

Your vehicle’s paintwork begins to corrode and fade within hours of contact with pollutants. From the time your vehicle is in motion to when it is parked, its surface is exposed to a plethora of dangerous contaminants that speed up the process of aging and depleting quality. Being the first Australian company accredited with the highest operating safety license from Civil Aviation Safety Authority is a testament to Permagard’s commitment to quality and service. When passing a yacht, luxury vehicle or jet and noticing it’s brilliant glow and clean exterior, you know it’s a Permagard treated vehicle. Our knowledgeable staff are fully trained and skilled in providing restorative solutions to all vehicles and are the only technicians accredited to apply Permagard coatings.

The Results

How does it work?

Exterior paint protection

Permagard’s patented technology creates a high-gloss protective barrier that continuously works to neutralise and repel airborne contaminants. The impact of these contaminants, such as bird droppings, insects and road grime, require extensive cosmetic repairs involving resprays or touch ups.

Our formula is created using biodegradable and environmentally safe components that keep your vehicle’s surface stain and dirt free at all times. Permagard ensures that your vehicle maintains this finish in between washes, only requiring a quick wipe down using a damp cloth to enhance its iridescent glaze.

Interior protection

Using Permagard’s unique upholstery protection, your vehicle’s interior is safe from UV rays, spills and anything else passengers may throw at it. Our scientifically backed Copolymer Technology ensures that all fabric and leather is shielded against water-based spills whilst defending discolouration from the sun.

Our hyper-protective invisible guard forces liquids to simply ‘bead up’ on the surface of seats and upholstery without staining, making cleaning as simple as a wipe away. Vinyl and plastic surfaces remain cleaner and glossier, with Permagard’s invisible coating protecting against unsightly scuff marks and fading. With a first line in chemical bonded defence, your car’s interior will appear newer, shine brighter and smell fresher for longer.

Permagard works to repel:

  • Acid rain
  • Salt
  • Alkali pollution
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Insect etching
  • Hard water deposits
  • Road grime
  • Pollution fallout
  • Liquid and water-based stains
  • UV-ray damage
  • Scuff marks


All of our products and services are backed with ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certifications, to ensure your vehicle is masked with the best preventative measure against all threats.

This is why we are confident that your vehicle is protected by the most trusted, tested and proven coating technology on the market today.
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