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Permagard is committed to providing the highest quality of vehicle care products and services to the automotive industry. We understand that each and every one of our dealerships value high quality, enduring and trustworthy products, therefore we do our best to provide the greatest possible service in delivering Permagard products nationwide.

We have a strong focus on exceeding customer expectations and achieving satisfaction through our continuous improvement plan. Permagard aims to increase customer satisfaction by offering high-grade preservation and longevity for the exterior and interior of their vehicles. The ongoing service provides consumers with a genuinely exceptional experience, whilst benefiting dealers with the opportunity of referrals and repeat sales. The Permagard range generates revenue beyond the point of sale, through multi-faceted car care and service add-ons.

Consumers throughout the world are assured that Permagard’s products and services will always meet their requirements. We understand that customers value their vehicle for the precious asset it is, therefore we aim to work closely with both you dealerships and consumers to ensure you both indulge in only the best service and results. It is our priority to go above and beyond expectations and to make sure every Permagard customer is left beaming ear to ear.

Permagard prides itself on understanding the needs and wants of our customers, and we hold our customer relationships in high regard. Permagard’s worry-free warranty process has been specifically designed to handle claims so they are dealt with quickly and efficiently from the start. We aim to make the process clear and simple from the moment you choose to invest in Permagard, without searching for small print or dealing with deceptive terms and conditions.

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Permagard understand that it can be frustrating for the car dealership and the customer when it comes to handling aftercare matters. We aim to help provide a direct link of support for any ongoing issues that may arise with paint protection following the sale of the car.

Permagard’s lifetime promise ensures your car is protected from the elements at all times; we just don’t cover explosive damages from events like drive bys.
Our fully committed Customer Experience team is on call to provide the best possible solution to every problem, whilst improving vehicle care by a mile. When customers request a warranty claim, an experienced member of Permagard will ensure they have a tailored and in depth conversation about any issues the client may experience. Our staff ensures that a skilled Permagard technician is informed and will run through a thorough assessment onsite at the customers chosen location. Our testimonials are a great indicator that this service delivery is efficient and impeccable.

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Our lifetime warranty is a cut above the rest. We are currently the only supplier that provides environmental damage warranty. Let our fully committed Customer Experience team help you today.

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