The Point to Point Transport Commissioner and Transport for NSW have rolled out government-funded, complimentary vehicle sanitisation stations at locations throughout metro and regional New South Wales. A complimentary service for all point to point transport passenger service providers entitling them up to two sanitisations, per vehicle, per day to help reduce the spread of illness and assist with maintaining driver and passenger safety. This includes taxis, hire vehicles, rideshare vehicles, community transport, Government fleet and Emergency Services vehicles. 

Permagard Automotive, in partnership with Redbook Inspect, are providing these services at the North Parramatta Vehicle Sanitisation Station. We’re proud to be part of this great initiative. With our superior, TGA registered (ARTG 346110), hospital grade disinfectant, that instantly kills 99.99% of germs and inactivates 99.9% of Coronavirus (including COVID19) for up to 28 days on hard surfaces, we are confident we are the right partners for the job. Let’s reduce the spread of infections, one vehicle at a time.

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