It isn’t just our products that are designed to create a lasting bond – our team are too. From professionally delivered training to ongoing support, being a Permagard client can ultimately help your business in more ways than one.

Ongoing training and support

Our team are dedicated to supporting dealerships with experienced, motivated and passionate sales consultants and technicians, who can deliver the highest standards of service and attention to detail.

Says our general manager, Andrew Forster: “The Permagard team will go to great lengths to find the most suitable candidates to fill vacant roles at our partner dealerships, ensuring they have the experience, knowledge and the personality required to deliver great results.”

The quality of our team’s ongoing training and support is a key part of the Permagard difference.

Application training

It’s one thing to know about Permagard’s products, but entirely different to experience them first-hand. We’re committed to providing training for correct application of Permagard’s range of paint and interior treatments – because, as NSW team leader in operations Jessie Riley says, once you can see it for yourself, it offers a greater sense of satisfaction in providing that same experience to consumers.

“One of the biggest things actually when I took the job [at Permagard] was somebody showed me how the product worked, they did a demonstration on the bonnet – no buffing, no nothing, it was just a straight application and the impact it had on the actual paintwork was amazing. So, it gives you a sense of satisfaction doing that as your job.”

Ongoing support

Just like a family, we’re here for you round the clock, with our support team on the phones during the day and our social channels open 24/7. All-hours accessibility makes it easy to ask us questions and share consumer feedback so that we can help your business grow.

“We’ve worked with dealerships to create customer and staff testimonials and other digital content that showcases our quality products, but also the amazing service of the staff at our partner dealers,” says Andrew. “It’s a win-win for us, and gives our consumers confidence in Permagard products and trust that dealerships have provided them with quality service”.