The car market is temperamental, and dealers can certainly feel the pinch during slower sales periods. The challenge facing car dealers is finding cost-effective ways of maintaining their fleet and drawing in customers, without being out of pocket.

Simplify the up-keep – and save

One of the biggest costs is fleet up-keep. It is important that you can find cost-effective methods to maintain your fleet and maximise the sale value of your vehicles. That’s where we come in. Our Refresh program can be administered on all your cars by our specially trained technicians, to restore the vehicles’ shine and surface quality, either if they are used or if they have been sitting in the dealership for a while. Our unique polymer coating protects paintwork from most environmental pollutants, which are repelled on the surface of the car and can easily be rinsed away with water – saving you cleaning time and maintenance costs.

Don’t settle for a job half-done

Exterior paint rejuvenation is just one part of the vehicle maintenance process. It is so important to consider the interior surfaces of the cars’ cabins, too. Our range of interior surface protectants can be used on anything from leather to vinyl and plastic, and bond to surfaces to provide long-lasting protection against 99.99% of known bacteria.

Upon a sale, it’s always worth checking in with your customer to see if they’d also like an interior Permagard Antimicrobial Treatment before collecting their car. This easy-to-apply sanitisation treatment will kill airborne microbes and filter through the car’s ventilation system to make the cabin’s air more hygenic for drivers and passengers – and help to prevent long-lasting damage from blocked, unsanitary air vents.

Understand the purchase process

Finally, customer service is at the heart of everything we do and the key to our success, so it is important to understand your customer’s responsibilities during the purchasing process, to ensure that they’re ticking everything off the list. Once your customer makes a purchase:

  1. Remind them to transfer their insurance as soon as the sale is made
  2. Check the engine oil, transmission oil and brake and clutch fluids so that your customers have peace of mind knowing their car is road ready and not going to put them out of pocket for maintenance issues soon after purchase.

Demonstrating that you are keeping customer needs at top of mind is great for building loyalty and trust.