“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonard Di Vinci

Warranty claims… sometimes they’re just not worth the paper they’re written on right? When you think of all the time and energy you have to go to and all the limitations as to what’s included, it often seems easier to spend more money replacing a product.

Let’s make this easy for everyone – smiles all round…

Permagard’s warranty will have you worry-free. We’ve created a straightforward process to handle claims so they are dealt with quickly and efficiently right from the start. There’s no need to search for the small print on piles of documentation, making the process clear and simple from the moment your customers choose to invest in the Permagard experience.

We’ve got it covered

Our lifetime warranty is a cut above the rest. We are currently the only supplier that provides environmental damage warranty – so if you consider yourself a bit of a James Bond or Lara Croft, off roading on different terrains in all weathers, you can relax. Permagard promise to keep your car protected from the elements, we just don’t cover things such as explosive damage from drive bys….

Hand it over!

When a customer requests a warranty claim, we will take control. Our amazing Customer Experience team is on call to handle these claims directly with customers.

The importance of customers having direct contact with a an experienced member of the Permagard team, means they can have a down to earth, human conversation about the problems they are having. Our staff will then strive to ensure one of our highly skilled Permagard technicians is well informed and runs a thorough assessment onsite at the customers chosen location. This service delivery is impeccable and our testimonials are a great indicator, it works!

Permagard dealers are becoming employers of choice

We work closely with our clients, striving to go above and beyond expectations. It is our priority to ensure that every Permagard customer is left beaming ear to ear, confident they have indulged in a high quality, long lasting product, that has them feeling incredibly satisfied and content. The good stuff, that creates smiles all round.

A cut above the rest!

We don’t need to keep rebranding our product every 4 years to combat negative press. Permagard have maintained their reputation and our brand is and always will be, the name of our product.

One less thing to worry about

Permagard understand that it can be frustrating for the car dealership and the customer when it comes to handling aftercare matters. We aim to help provide a direct link of support for any ongoing issues that may arise with paint protection following the sale of the car.  Leave it to us.