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The market’s most unique, advanced and comprehensive vehicle care

Whilst our protective technologies are complex, our process and core values are not. Permagard’s services are simply focused on attention to detail, ensuring each vehicle receives the highest level of protection and shine through a series of carefully prepared steps. Luxury brands and major airlines across the world trust Permagard for this reason, ensuring each treated vehicle is valued for the precious asset it is.

By offering Permagard’s services upon the sale of a new or used car, dealerships can assure your customers that their vehicle will be protected and look as good as the day they purchased it. Both our interior and exterior treatments will ensure you are delivering unique, long-lasting vehicle satisfaction for car buyers. This focus for quality and customer care allows Permagard to be particularly unique in comparison to other products in the market. Our national lifetime warranty and after care processes are simple, leaving out lengthy application forms.

All customers are quickly directed to our friendly and experienced team who are happy to solve each enquiry in detail over the phone. If required, Permagard’s technicians are available to service the vehicle and rectify any issues on the spot, whenever possible. To maintain a strict focus on quality control and superior results, only authorised technicians trained by our experts are entrusted with the Permagard application.

Overall feedback has always been positive due to the level of integrity and commitment that every one of our staff members upholds. Our commitment is not only focused on lasting quality, but to exceed the expectations of both our dealerships and consumers.

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Behind Permagard

Permagard is among the most trusted and successful automotive care brands in the world. Being the only aftermarket vehicle protection programme approved and recommended by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, we are the only choice for authorised repairers and dealers to preserve vehicles at their best quality. Our specialised and patented coatings transform the entire buying experience for consumers, by adding a very welcomed surprise upon the collection of their new or used vehicle.

Pamela Shelley
Account Manager

Austyn Campbell
National Sales Manager

David O’Connel
Business Development Manager

Jessie Riley
NSW Team Leader in Operations

Sonny Mackey
Customer Experience Manager

Consumers throughout the world are assured that Permagard’s products and services will always meet their requirements. Our lifetime warranty is a cut above the rest as we are currently the only supplier that provides environmental damage warranty.

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